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CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine

Plasma Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine(Plasma&Flame Tube cutting machine) is a special pipe cutting equipment different shapes can be well cut through on irregular pipes out automatically after data input via control system,with calculation and programming unnecessary,This machine is widely used for pipeline cutting in industries such as construction,Chemical, shipbuilding, machinery engineering, metallurgy, electricity etc.
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Main Feature of equipment

Professional pipe optimization CNC system support AutoCAD model design support Tekla three-dimensional model support pipe splitting \ pipe optimization \ node expansion \ left and right replacement and other functions equipment design people-oriented, English interface is simple, advanced and reliable equipment for long-term continuous processing, stable and reliable operation control.

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Software Advantage

1.Perfectly compatible with Tekla round pipe modelling.2.Support end hole, slot and bevel cutting.3.Support Second development of autopipe at AutoCAD.4.Super high nesting speed and usage rate.5.Break, Mirror, left&right, G code.Professional nesting software——PipeNest, with optimization function.Support offshore AWS small angle cutting process.
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1. Canadian Professional optimize CNC system has , AutoCAD version of the project design can be directly generated CNC machine code . Dimensional simulation operation, the node is expanded , long tube splitting , fittings optimization , oversized EGES DXF SAT and STL and other software compatibility 2 A user friendly design , casting parts precision machining equipment to ensure high precision, high stability , high life expectancy .
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Material :Workpiece materials apply range: Mild steel( stainless steel,copper andnickel pipes,cut by plasma) Type :round pipe Industry:Widely used in water/chemical oil&gas pipeline industries, marine engineering, offshore buildings,boiler&vessels,heat exchangers,etc.
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Technical Parameters

Round pipe diameter
50~630mm 60~800mm
Cutting power
Plasma/ flame
Flame cutting thickness
Vertical cutting 6-60mm Bevel cutting 6-40mm
Plasma cutting thickness
Pierce cutting 1-23mm Bevel cutting 5-14mm
Effective cutting length
Required workpiece ellipticity
Cutting speed
Moving speed
10~6000 mm/min
Flame bevel angle
Hole cutting ±55° Head cutting±60°
Plasma bevel angle
Cutting precision
Precision standard
ISO9013-2002 、ISO8206-1991JB/T10045.4-1999JB
Chunk type
Manual 3 claw linkage self-centering
Bracket number
4 groups(Bracket can move, but can not lift) The pipe is clamped by chunk to realize lifting and raise cutting performance.
(Length *width*height) 8000*3200*2700mm
40ft container

Cutting Sample Showing:

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In Customer Factory:

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Video Showing:

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